3 Ways Nebraska Can Keep Up With Global Manufacturing in 2014

Nebraska isn’t Texas, California, or New York–the state isn’t known world-wide for its variety of culture—but it does play a significant role in manufacturing worldwide. In the state, manufacturing accounts for 11.8 percent of the total output and employed 9.8 percent of the workforce. Nebraska’s leading manufacturing activity is food processing—meat products, dairy products, and […]

4 Cool Examples of Up-and-Coming Manufacturing Technology

We love manufacturing technology. It’s always evolving, it keeps things interesting, and it’s what has driven the new focus on STEM skills that manufacturing requires today. When we first started writing this blog, we wrote a post about 4 examples of new manufacturing technology. But believe it or not, a lot has changed in the […]

Then and Now: Auto Manufacturing in the ’50s vs. Today

This past weekend, in a small town called Pierce, Nebraska, something amazing happened: thousands of people flocked to a car auction where hundreds and hundreds of cars were sold. That may not sound unusual, until you realize that many over the cars were several dozen years old, many of them with less than 25 miles […]

What in the World is Lights-Out Manufacturing?

We’ve already covered a few manufacturing definitions here on the blog, and on Monday, we highlighted local manufacturer MetalQuest Unlimited. But one thing that we left out of our post on Monday–and something we haven’t defined yet–is also something that MetalQuest Unlimited does. It’s called lights-out manufacturing, and it’s a pretty cool process that more and […]

Southeast Community College Celebrates Dedication of Machining Facility

Yesterday, August 13, 2013, Southeast Community College celebrated the ribbon-cutting and dedication of a newly remodeled space in their Precision Machining and Automation Technology program at their Milford Campus. The remodeled space is home to several new pieces of technology designed to keep Southeast Community College on top of the precision machining and advanced manufacturing industry. […]

What About Robots?

Obviously, we’re pretty big advocates for American manufacturing here at Manufacturing Nebraska. But just like concerns about Americans in manufacturing losing jobs to workers and factories overseas, there are also concerns about what’s going to happen as manufacturing continues to get more technical. What’s going to happen to workers? Will everyone in the factory be […]