3 Awesome Ways Robots Are Solving 21st-Century Problems

From RoboCop in 1987 to I, Robot in 2004 to Chappie in 2015, humans long been concerned with what society would be like if robots were part of our daily lives: in the police force, behind service counters, walking (rolling?) down the street. In some ways, it feels as if that time is here. Robots […]

Google Buys DeepMind Technologies–What’s Next?

It’s been an interesting past few months for Google. In December of 2013, Google acquired Boston Dynamics, maker of humanoid robots. Then, earlier this month, they acquired Nest, maker of smart home gadgets. And most recently–today, actually–Google announced plans to purchase DeepMind, a London-based Artificial Intelligence company. In fact, over the last year or so, […]

What About Robots?

Obviously, we’re pretty big advocates for American manufacturing here at Manufacturing Nebraska. But just like concerns about Americans in manufacturing losing jobs to workers and factories overseas, there are also concerns about what’s going to happen as manufacturing continues to get more technical. What’s going to happen to workers? Will everyone in the factory be […]