Skilled Workers In High Demand In Nebraska

Skilled Workers In High Demand In Nebraska

For all of us here at NeMAC (and for all of us involved in the manufacturing industry at large), the good news has just kept on rolling in since the start of the New Year.

Some of that has been reflected on our recent blog posts discussing jobs here in Nebraska:

What’s interesting, though, is that the posts we mentioned above don’t even cover everything good happening in our state and in the industry.

As an editorial in the Omaha World-Herald on Sunday noted, “more skills mean more opportunity.”

In a survey of over 400 Nebraska business owners about prospects for future growth, more than 25% “said a lack of available skilled labor was one of the things that is limiting my growth potential.” Manufacturing is home of one of the most significant (future) shortages, despite its strong position in the state’s economy.

If you’re thinking that this could mean bad news for manufacturers a few years down the road, you’re right–but if it’s dealt with correctly, it could mean huge success, too, both for manufacturers and for employees. Currently, most of the opportunity is in the hands of the workers needed at these jobs. With the right skills (attainable at any of the several community colleges here in the state), making over $45,000 a year is a very realistic goal, and at this point, it’s all about the skills.

We can speak personally to the fact that there is no shortage of manufacturing companies in Nebraska looking to hire skilled workers. Throughout 2014, hiring in manufacturing is expected to stay strong (something that can’t be said for all industries in the state), meaning that this demand for skilled workers in manufacturing isn’t going away any time soon.

What does all of this mean for students in Nebraska? Well, it’s pretty simple–if you’re willing to invest the time in getting an education in the skills needed for a career in manufacturing, you can be well on your way to gainful employment here in the state. That’s certainly not the case with many other industries or fields of study, so we encourage you to get out there and start weighing your options for work in this great industry!

If you’d like some help getting started looking for a career (or education) in manufacturing, let us know in the comments or on Twitter! We have lots of resources to share with anyone who’s interested, and would love to help get you on the path to a meaningful, well-paying job here in Nebraska.

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