3 Helpful Websites for Veterans Seeking Manufacturing Jobs

Just last month, IndustryWeek reported that the statistics on veteran unemployment are actually improving. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, veterans have a lower unemployment rate at 3.6% than Americans overall, whose rate is about 5%. Thanks to new initiatives by businesses and nonprofits to train military members with job skills before joining […]

Looking for a Job? Creighton Professor Says Diversification Is Key

December was a tricky month for manufacturers, according to Creighton University’s latest Mid-America Business Conditions Index. Although a stronger U.S. dollar seems as if it would be a good thing for manufacturers, in reality, it makes U.S. goods more expensive for overseas trading partners. The Omaha World-Herald interviewed Creighton Business Professor Ernie Goss to learn […]

Why Construction Is the Place to Be

Back in January, we reported that the construction industry in Nebraska is alive and well: with one notable exception. Despite the projections of the construction industry to grow exponentially in 2015, the sector is struggling to find professional workers that can help them keep up with the demand. In January, we reported that 71% of […]

3 Reasons to Fall in Love with STEM

If you’ve never checked out the business news publication Quartz, launched in 2012, we highly recommend it. Headed by Kevin Delaney, a former managing editor at WSJ.com with staff members pulled from Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, the Economist, and the New York Times. The web-native news outlet has a scrolling feature that publishes recent […]

Looking for a Job? Here’s What to Do

If you’re searching for a career in manufacturing or a related industry, you’re in luck! We live in a state where universities and companies are passionate about helping citizens find careers that are true to their passion and will help improve quality of life. There are so many people willing to answer questions and give […]

Nebraska: The Good Life for Veterans

We’ve written about veterans and manufacturing jobs here on our blog before, but with so many open jobs (and so many veterans in need of jobs), we thought we’d spend a moment today highlighting a movement that we think you should know about. The Good Life for Veterans is a state-led recruiting campaign to get more […]

Calling All High Schoolers: MikeroweWORKS is Accepting Scholarship Applications!

Calling all high schoolers interested in manufacturing: Mike Rowe, one of our favorite representatives of skilled trades and manufacturing in the United States, has come up with a program to offer scholarships to high schoolers looking to get into the trades. Mike Rowe’s foundation, mikeroweWORKS, and the Universal Technical Institute (UTI), a technical education training […]

Program Spotlight: Grand Island Career Pathways Institute

As we mentioned in our last program spotlight on the University of Nebraska-Kearney, one of the great features on our website is a list of industry partners and more specifically, educational institutions. These are Nebraska resources that provide a curriculum to support a career in manufacturing, and the majority of these institutions are at a […]

Skilled Workers In High Demand In Nebraska

For all of us here at NeMAC (and for all of us involved in the manufacturing industry at large), the good news has just kept on rolling in since the start of the New Year. Some of that has been reflected on our recent blog posts discussing jobs here in Nebraska: Brehmer Manufacturing Expanding and […]

Program Spotlight: Welding at Southeast Community College

After our post on Tuesday about the many different options you have with a career in welding, it’s only fitting for us to continue our series of Nebraska community college program spotlights with a great welding program. Southeast Community College’s Welding Technology Program is one of the best around. It’s accredited through the American Welding Society–one […]