Looking for a Job? Creighton Professor Says Diversification Is Key

December was a tricky month for manufacturers, according to Creighton University’s latest Mid-America Business Conditions Index. Although a stronger U.S. dollar seems as if it would be a good thing for manufacturers, in reality, it makes U.S. goods more expensive for overseas trading partners. The Omaha World-Herald interviewed Creighton Business Professor Ernie Goss to learn […]

Meet the Next Generation of Factories

The word “factory” is derived from “manufactory.” Actually, the dictionary defines a factory as a building or group of buildings with facilities for the manufacture of goods. The secondary definition, and maybe one that’s hurt the public image of factories most of all, is that a factory is also “any place producing a uniform product, […]

5 Companies Manufacturing Right Here In the U.S.A.

If you’ve poked around our Cool Stuff Being Made page, then you already know that there are a lot of cool products manufactured here in the United States. But those products are just the tip of the iceberg as far as manufacturing in the United States is concerned. To show you how much variety there […]

Are Small Towns Good for Factories?

Small towns are known for a lot of things including their pride, their passion, and their close-knit community. And Nebraska sure does have a lot of small towns. But as a small town in Missouri taught us, these tiny towns can make a difference in manufacturing. Small towns are usually filled with adults and kids […]