3 Helpful Websites for Veterans Seeking Manufacturing Jobs

Just last month, IndustryWeek reported that the statistics on veteran unemployment are actually improving. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, veterans have a lower unemployment rate at 3.6% than Americans overall, whose rate is about 5%. Thanks to new initiatives by businesses and nonprofits to train military members with job skills before joining […]

Are You a Veteran Looking for a Job?

We’ve talked before on the blog about how the skills gap could be significantly impacted by more veterans heading into manufacturing careers as they return home. The welcoming manufacturing community is a great fit for veterans, and actively works to create jobs for returning vets. Nowhere is this more true than in Nebraska, a state […]

Nebraska: The Good Life for Veterans

We’ve written about veterans and manufacturing jobs here on our blog before, but with so many open jobs (and so many veterans in need of jobs), we thought we’d spend a moment today highlighting a movement that we think you should know about. The Good Life for Veterans is a state-led recruiting campaign to get more […]