How the Long-Term Unemployed Can Market Themselves for Success

The most recent report on long-term unemployment was not inspiring. Despite job growth and increased labor force participation, the number of Americans stuck in long-term unemployment “did not budge despite the robust job growth,” according to James Sherk. “In February, 2.2 million unemployed workers had been searching for work for at least six months. In […]

Celebrating Mentorship in Manufacturing

Did you know that January is National Mentoring Month? The designation was created back in 2002 by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, and since then has actively worked to focus national attention on the need for mentors. From raising awareness of mentoring in its various forms, […]

Looking for a Job? Creighton Professor Says Diversification Is Key

December was a tricky month for manufacturers, according to Creighton University’s latest Mid-America Business Conditions Index. Although a stronger U.S. dollar seems as if it would be a good thing for manufacturers, in reality, it makes U.S. goods more expensive for overseas trading partners. The Omaha World-Herald interviewed Creighton Business Professor Ernie Goss to learn […]

Prisoners Turned Welders: How Prisons Are Training Future Manufacturing Workers

In prison, there’s not much to do. With limited time allowed for exercise, television, and other activities, prisons aren’t necessarily known for a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities. Recently, however, waves of prison reform have spurred activity in the direction of advanced education and preparing the incarcerated for careers as welders, machinists, and […]

Full Employment: A Blessing, or a Curse?

Okay, maybe “curse” is a little strong. However, even the Wall Street Journal recently noted that Nebraska is a sample of what it’s like when a community operates at the level of “full employment,” meaning that the unemployment rate is so low that the community is essentially considered fully employed. In other words, there are […]

3 Ways to Find Out If a Manufacturing Career Is Right for You

We hate to break it to you, but there is no perfect job. In the Harvard Business Review, John Lees explains that “when people think about getting their ideal role, they’re falling into an all-or-nothing trap. It’s a kind of challenge to the universe—give me everything now, or leave me alone. Which of course reveals […]

3 Awesome Skilled Careers You Can Get Without a College Degree

It seems as if debates surrounding the issue of whether or not college is “worth it” have only intensified over the last year. As governments pull money from public school funding, fees increase, and loans seem increasingly unfeasible, many students are questioning whether attending a university will actually provide a substantial return on investment. As […]

Airbus Brings 20 New Jobs to Minden

“When it comes to small businesses making high-tech parts, we’d be hard-pressed to think of a better example than Royal Engineered Composites. They may be based in a small town in Nebraska, but their capabilities and facility are anything but small.”   It was back in 2013 that we featured Royal Engineered Composites as part […]

Apply Today for the Nebraska Developing Youth Talent Initiative

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development is proud to support a truly outstanding program that makes Nebraska an even more wonderful place to be for manufacturers and for students interested in skilled careers. Late last week, Governor Pete Ricketts announced the opening of the application period for the Nebraska Developing Youth Talent Initiative, a program […]