Long-Term Unemployed Seniors Face an Uphill Battle. How Can We Help?

We’ve discussed long-term unemployment on the blog before, including some of the myths that circulate around the notion. Essentially, after The Great Recession from 2007-2009, populations of the unemployed skyrocketed. In addition, the time in which the unemployed stayed unemployed rose as well, eventually reaching a median period of 25 weeks, more than twice the […]

Prisoners Turned Welders: How Prisons Are Training Future Manufacturing Workers

In prison, there’s not much to do. With limited time allowed for exercise, television, and other activities, prisons aren’t necessarily known for a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities. Recently, however, waves of prison reform have spurred activity in the direction of advanced education and preparing the incarcerated for careers as welders, machinists, and […]

Nebraska’s Job Driven Program Matches Job Seekers with High-Quality Jobs

If you’re looking for a job and haven’t been connected with Nebraska’s Job Driven National Emergency Grant yet, please allow us the pleasure! The program officially started in January of 2015, actually, but there are still many opportunities for people to apply for the grant, and not everyone is even aware it exists. With a […]

The Long-Term Unemployed, What’s the Deal?

We’ve talked on the blog before about ways people who have been unemployed long-term can find jobs in the manufacturing industry: Assess your interests, look for manufacturers in your area, research local educational institutions, and finding open jobs are all important ways to get started looking. A major question for many people, though, is how […]

How Long-Term Unemployed Persons Can Start a Career in Manufacturing

Unemployment is an unfortunate circumstance. When the economy got tough a few years ago, hundreds of thousands of people suddenly found themselves without work. And while many have recovered, some people are still looking for jobs. Others have lost their jobs more recently and found themselves in a similar situation. Unemployment can also be very […]