Nebraska’s Department of Labor to Host Job Fair

On Thursday, August 20th from 1-5pm, head over to the Metropolitan Community College’s South Omaha Campus at the ITC Building. Thanks to the Nebraska Department of Labor, the college will be hosting a job fair for all Nebraskans looking for work. This is a particularly good opportunity for Nebraskans interested in the manufacturing, distribution, and […]

Nebraska’s Job Driven Program Matches Job Seekers with High-Quality Jobs

If you’re looking for a job and haven’t been connected with Nebraska’s Job Driven National Emergency Grant yet, please allow us the pleasure! The program officially started in January of 2015, actually, but there are still many opportunities for people to apply for the grant, and not everyone is even aware it exists. With a […]

Spread the Word: Job Driven National Emergency Grant

To some, this is old news– but to most, it’s important information that could help change the fact of unemployment and manufacturing employment in Nebraska. This week, KOLN-TV announced that the Nebraska Department of Labor wants to spread the word about the Job Driven National Emergency Grant that was awarded to Nebraska just last year. […]