Nebraska’s Department of Labor to Host Job Fair

On Thursday, August 20th from 1-5pm, head over to the Metropolitan Community College’s South Omaha Campus at the ITC Building. Thanks to the , the college will be hosting a job fair for all Nebraskans looking for work.

This is a particularly good opportunity for Nebraskans interested in the manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse industries, says Department of Labor spokesperson Deb Christensen: “I have 45 companies coming to our job fair on Thursday…there is very good pay in manufacturing, and very good benefits as well.”

If you’ve never been to a job fair before, here are the quick and dirty details. Every company who is represented at the fair will have open positions in their companies, and they will send spokespeople to meet potential applicants, chat about the company, and provide more information about open positions. Hence, all applicants are urged to bring copies of an updated resume to have on hand. You can wander the halls of the fair, chat with representatives, and learn more about the type of jobs available in the manufacturing industry.

This job fair comes on the heels of successful for veterans, Hiring Our Heroes, also hosted by the DOL last spring. There were fairs in Grand Island and in Bellvue designed to connect Nebraska’s top employers with veterans looking for work. According to the Commissioner of Labor, John H. Albin, “over 100 interviews were conducted and 22 firm offers were made at the last Hiring Our Heroes in Bellevue.” In other words, these fairs do result in concrete job matches, and it could be your opportunity to be connected with your dream career.

Here are some of the open positions that employers will be looking for on Thursday, according to Christensen. Do any sound like a potential fit? Head to the fair to find out.

Forklift Drivers: As indicated by the title, forklift drivers drive forklifts. They’re crucial to the operations of a warehouse, storage yard, factory, or construction site, and as such, have an average salary of around $15 per hour. An experienced driver can make up to $20 per hour, and shift hours are generally dependent on the hours of the warehouse. It’s a fantastic position for those looking to gain experience in material moving positions.

Inventory Specialist: Inventory specialists are tasked with overseeing a store’s inventory control: In other words, keeping track of products, supplies, sales records, and more. If you’re meticulous, enjoy organization, can keep neat lists, and are good at working with others, like store managers or sales associates, this could be a great job for you.

Mechanics: There’s a wide variety of types of mechanic positions, but the common thread is the presence of machines. Mechanics are generally responsible for inspecting, maintaining, or repairing mechanical systems, engines, and more. There are varying levels of expertise required to be proficient at this position, so it’s more job specific. However, the median salary is approximately $36,710/year, and the field is consistently growing.

These are just a few of the many jobs that will be open for applicants at the fair. Questions? Comments? Want to learn more? Leave them in the section below!