Spread the Word: Job Driven National Emergency Grant

US-constructionTo some, this is old news– but to most, it’s important information that could help change the fact of unemployment and manufacturing employment in Nebraska.

This week, KOLN-TV announced that the Nebraska Department of Labor wants to spread the word about the Job Driven National Emergency Grant that was awarded to Nebraska just last year. The grants were awarded across the country to 32 states, Puerto Rico, and the Cherokee tribal nation through the Job-Driven National Emergency Grant program, and totaled $154,757,547.

In other words, the government is working hard to get workers back on their feet and matched with jobs that are a great fit for them.

The goal? Well, the $4.4 million dollars awarded to Nebraska employers specifically targets manufacturing, transportation, distributions, and logistics industries, and hopes to help employ workers who lost a job through no fault of their own for jobs in high-demand industries. To better define those “who lost a job through no fault of their own,” think returning veterans, dislocated workers, or the long-term unemployed. Especially for those who haven’t held a job in many years, it can be difficult to find somewhere to glean the necessary skills to work in an industry that requires either experience or education.

The reimbursement rates are pretty substantial, too. Firms with up to fifty employees are reimbursed up to 90%, with 250 employees, they’re reimbursed 75%, and larger companies are still reimbursed 50%. This is certainly an incentive for employers that may not have even thought to find potential workers in these pools of people.

“At the President’s request, I’ve been leading an effort to help Americans get the skills they need to secure good quality jobs that are a path to the middle class. The grants announced will help build partnerships between industry, labor, and communities to help more Americans learn about job openings, identify what skills are needed to fill them, and train and apply for the good-paying jobs that are out there in health care, information technology, advanced manufacturing, and other high growth industries.”

So, how will the money help to make this happen? It will be used to work with on-the-job training, occupational training that results in an industry-recognized credential, or provide services like career coaching and counseling as well as assisting with job placements that can help connect laid-off workers with available jobs. “From my personal experience, I know this: businesses have to be at the table as we develop training mechanisms to define precisely what they are looking for as they hire employees. These investments will assist in the creation of new or expanded employer partnerships that will help us break down silos between businesses, workforce training initiatives, and government to create a collaborative environment that supports the needs of both our workers and our businesses.”

Questions? Want to learn more about this grant and how it affects Nebraska employers? Leave a comment in the section below anytime!