Looking for a Job? Here’s What to Do

GE-SCfacilityIf you’re searching for a career in manufacturing or a related industry, you’re in luck! We live in a state where universities and companies are passionate about helping citizens find careers that are true to their passion and will help improve quality of life.

There are so many people willing to answer questions and give tours, and all for the sake of helping job seekers find a great fit for them. Nebraskans are willing to lend a hand, and there’s no shortage of resources available.

Whether you’re a recent grad, current student, or long-term unemployed job seeker (more tips for that in a past blog post), here are some of the places to be and people to see that can help put you on the fast track to a successful career.

1. Career Fairs:

Career fairs are amazing– literally, it’s an entire event centered on matching people with their perfect jobs. By now, some of the career fairs taking place this season have already passed, but there’s an upcoming one at Bellevue University on October 30. It’s open to students as well as the general public, and will give attendees a chance to chat with employers about current and future job/career and internship opportunities! Employers from a variety of fields will be there, but for those interested in manufacturing or a skilled trade, make sure to talk to the Nebraska Machinery Company, BAT Logistics, Tigerpaw Software Inc., Convergys, and more. A full list of the employers that will be attending can be found here.

2. Check out Specialized Websites:

There’s no doubt that websites like Monster.com and Simplyhired.com are awesome for finding job opportunities—there’s always hundreds available. However, sometimes the barrage of positions and requirements can be a little overwhelming. Try looking through a website more specialized for one specific industry—for example, take agcareers.com. They partner with specific nonprofits and companies to post over 4,000 jobs in the agricultural industry each month, many of these at manufacturing facilities or plants. In Nebraska, jobs are currently available at outstanding companies like Stine Seed Company and MWI Veterinary Supply, but they also list jobs located all over the country and world.

3. Find an Internship:

If you’re having trouble finding a specific job that’s 100% up your alley, test out the waters with an internship. Regardless of your age and education, internships are always a great way to find out if you particularly enjoy a field. If you do, chances are that you’ll enjoy a career in that area as well! As the Lincoln Journal-Star reported the other day, the InternNE program currently has 750 students placed in internships around Nebraska.

If you have questions or are looking for additional help, we are always here to help connect you with a manufacturer or educator that could help you with your job search. Questions? Comments? Leave them in the section below or send us a tweet anytime!

photo credit: GE Instagram