Making Subtractive Manufacturing Matter Again

Now, wait just a minute. We talk about additive manufacturing all the time on this blog, but rarely do we discuss its counterpart: subtractive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing refers to processes like 3D printing, which gradually add layers to build a part from nothing. On the other end of the spectrum, subtractive manufacturing uses a block […]

How Kickstarter Helped Shape the Future of Additive Manufacturing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, hasn’t lost its place in the hearts of manufacturers, makers, and consumers around the globe. In fact, additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the way that we think about how we make and purchase products and services. If you’re just a regular person without the skills to engineer your own complex creations, […]

Just In Time: 3D Printing Saves the Day!

One of the main benefits of the 3D printing process is the speed at which the printers can produce parts, products, and more. Especially as printers become increasingly quick to convert designs into reality (see “What if 3D Printing Became 100x Faster?”), all sorts of industries are finding new and exciting ways to use the manufacturing […]

“What if 3D Printing was 100X Faster?”

There’s plenty of buzz in the world of 3D printing right now, much of which has to do with some revolutionary technology from a company Carbon 3D and a CEO named Joseph DeSimone. In his TEDTalk recently released in March of this year, DeSimone walks the audience through his innovations in additive manufacturing (a technical […]

What to Buy: STEM Toy Shop

If you’ve ever wondered what to buy for the child (or teen, or adult) in your life, Amazon announced today that they’re launching a new store on their massive site. The best part? It’s dedicated to STEM toys and games. This isn’t the first time they’ve adapted their selling strategy to meet the changing needs […]

What to Watch This Weekend: STEM Documentaries

After a long week of school, or work, or both, it’s sometimes nice to take the weekend and make some time just for yourself. For many people, this means catching up with their favorite television show on Netflix or going to see a movie, popcorn in hand. However, the best of both worlds occurs when […]

What Can Brown Do For You (And Your 3D Printing Needs)?

Just when you thought you’d heard all the news there was to hear about 3D printing, something comes along to shake things up once again. This time, that shakeup is coming in the form of an announcement from UPS that they’re planning to expand their 3D printing services to 100 locations across the United States. For […]

What’s New In 3D Printing?

In terms of technology, it doesn’t get much cooler than 3D printing. This cutting edge technique has enabled manufacturers and makers to create an incredible variety of 3D objects–it’s not just black ink and white paper anymore. And after revelations about how food of the future may come from a printer, or how printed prosthetic […]

An Introduction to Laser Additive Manufacturing

In the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about additive manufacturing—especially with the creation of 3D printing that allows companies to make three-dimensional solid objects of virtually any shape. But more and more recently, the idea of laser additive manufacturing (LAM) has been taking off. Laser additive manufacturing has been used […]

NASA Climbing All Aboard the 3D Manufacturing Train

Back in September in our 4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About 3D Printing post, we mentioned something interesting: NASA’s plans to put a 3D printer in space aboard the ISS. And with an update straight from the source, we now know that NASA is all aboard the 3D manufacturing train. Although we’ve obviously known for some […]