Why Student Work Experience Is Good for Manufacturers

A buzzword in the education industry these days is “real-world” experience. Somehow, the history of academia gradually shifted away from hands-on to hands-off, creating a generation unaccustomed to labor conditions and requirements in, you guessed it, “real-world” jobs. In the last several decades, the lack of training for some of the most labor-heavy industries in […]

Manufacturing Luxury

Rolls Royce Corp. is one of the advanced manufacturing behemoths of the world. Their portfolio is absolutely gigantic, encompassing jet engines, cars, and more. Lately, they’ve been experimenting with developing a new convertible, that they recently named publicly for the very first time. The name of the car is “Dawn,” modeled after an exclusive cabriolet, […]

GE and Rolls Royce: Bringing 3D Printing to the Mainstream?

Although we love 3D printing here at NeMAC, lovers and skeptics alike of 3D printing have been asking the same question a lot recently: when will 3D printing go into the mainstream? Despite new advances in additive manufacturing, and costs of 3D printers continuing to drop even throughout 2013, that’s a question that has been nagging […]