Kearney Doesn’t Win Contest; Plans to Create Career Center Anyway

The “ABC” prize for America’s Best Communities is a national competition for economic revitalization in small towns and rural communities across the Frontier Communications Service Area in 27 states. To put it simply, it asks: which towns are actively working to create positive change in their communities? This prize aims to find those towns and […]

How Kearney Will Combat the Middle-Skills Gap

It’s the constant refrain from manufacturers around the world: Darren Robinson, president of the Development Council of Buffalo County, tells ABC Team Kearney that the biggest challenge for Kearney manufacturers is finding trained skilled labor. “As a result of our low unemployment rate, our employers are trying to work with individuals who have limited experience […]

High-Tech Lovers Can Find a Niche in Nebraska

One of the phrases commonly thrown around in connection with manufacturing is “high-tech.” And in case you haven’t yet heard, Nebraska is about to witness a birth of high-tech jobs in Kearney as a federal program turns the city into a “hotspot for jobs of the future.” NTV reports that Kearney is one of 21 […]

Nebraska Tech Company Pioneers ‘Rural Sourcing’

Outsourcing American manufacturing jobs to other countries was a major theme in the industry circa 2001. In fact, outsourcing to China actually cost the U.S. 3.2 million jobs from 2001-2013. According to a report from the Economic Policy Institute, three quarters of those jobs were in manufacturing. That’s no small number, and it significantly impacted […]

Kearney Makes List of Best Places for Millennials!

In a recent list by credit blogger NerdWallet, Kearney, Nebraska made the top ten as one of the best places for millennials to embark on the job hunt in the Midwest! As a whole, the Midwest is one of the best regions to find employment in the first place: The unemployment rate is consistently lower, […]

Baldwin Filters Completes Exciting Expansion in Kearney

It’s always an exciting time when companies grow and expand outside their existing location. This means more jobs, (most likely) more business, and an uptick in commerce within the geographical area. Off East U.S. Highway 30, this process is currently happening as Baldwin Filters prepares to complete their two-year, $40 million dollar expansion. According to […]

Manufacturers in Nebraska: Marshall Engines, Inc.

The city of Kearney in Buffalo County, Nebraska has a population of approximately 31, 790. Though the population isn’t necessarily massive, the city still hosts plenty of manufacturers and is the perfect place to begin a small business or open a location of another. From welding and general machining to beer brewing, lithographing, and string […]