High-Tech Lovers Can Find a Niche in Nebraska

One of the phrases commonly thrown around in connection with manufacturing is “high-tech.” And in case you haven’t yet heard, Nebraska is about to witness a birth of high-tech jobs in Kearney as a federal program turns the city into a “hotspot for jobs of the future.” that Kearney is one of 21 communities nationwide picked for federal help attracting IT pros to complement the already strong manufacturing, medical, and education jobs in the city. “I think that is going to put a great big footprint right on the map for us,” QA analyst Michael Wortman says. Before the end of 2020, Buffalo County could see 500 IT professionals living in the area thanks to the growth of Xpanxion. (We covered their story on the blog here).


This means that if you have a knack for computers, high-tech software, cloud computing, or automation, now is a really, really good time to capitalize on those skills. The tech industry and the manufacturing industry are both booming in Nebraska. As priorities for manufacturers shift and change, utilizing the latest technology becomes more and more important.


Here are some of the ways Nebraskan manufacturers are integrating high-tech machinery and more into their processes, and why they need your manpower to fill the gap.


Work at a Startup: Nebraska has a high-tech startup gem right in our midst: “Some startup entrepreneurs are leaving the high tech hotspots of San Francisco, New York, and the Silicon Valley for greener pastures in a place that actually has greener pastures: Lincoln, Nebraska,” says . If you’re interested in A) Making things and B) High-tech machinery and advanced technology, find a startup that makes a new, exciting product and hop on board. Not all of these high-tech companies manufacture an actual product, but many of them do. Silicon Prairie is a gold-mine for Nebraska jobseekers searching for their next high-tech opportunity.


Work in High-Tech Ag: Farms aren’t just operations with one farmer milking a cow from his stool anymore. Nebraska still focuses on agriculture in some pretty major ways, but technology is more important to production and food manufacturing than ever before. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, research into new agricultural technologies and equipment has increased to over $4 billion annually, with much of that funding coming from private companies. Read about high-tech machinery, equipment, and more in the agriculture industry .


Work in the Biotechnology Sector: Nebraska has traditionally been an agricultural state with a high emphasis on farming and food production processes. With biotechnology, scientists can manipulate the genes of existing varieties or produce new drugs for both humans and animals. Biotechnicians can work with agricultural feedstock and chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, or medical device and equipment manufacturers. BioNebraska reports that the sector has high impact on economic growth, and on average, employees in the biosciences sector earn higher wages than other industries. As you may imagine, many of the jobs at these companies are scientific, but they also require employees in the IT divisions and production. Manufacturing at a biotech company is unique: For example, at Nebraska company , they manufacture DNA. They also provide industry partners with world class technology platforms, and use some of the most advanced technology in the world to manufacture their products.



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