Get Your Tickets Now for TEDx Lincoln!

We’re big fans of the TED organization, and have posted before about the best TED talks for anyone interested in manufacturing. In October, though, TED fans can take their love one step further by attending the conference right here in Lincoln, Nebraska: TEDxLincoln. TEDx events began in 2008 to provide a more local, self-organized way […]

TED Talks for Manufacturers

On the TED website, there are over 1,900 TED Talks, videos under eighteen minutes long that explore some idea or concept worth knowing about. TED is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to sponsoring talks and events by speakers who are experts on their subject. There are a variety of powerful, inspiring talks on current events to […]

4D Printing? What In the World Is That?

Every once in a while, a technology or process comes along that makes us say, “what in the world?” And a technology that’s doing that to us right now is 4D printing. Experts have already called 3D printing extremely disruptive (in a good way). A recent report by analysts at McKinsey & Company called 3D printing […]