Nebraskans Celebrate Ag Week

As manufacturers, we’re continuously grateful for Nebraska’s strength in the agriculture sector. For one thing, a booming ag industry means that agricultural manufacturers will be busier than ever. Because of our long agricultural tradition, Nebraska’s history is filled with innovation designed to improve efficiency and productivity on farms. From feed and seed machinery to corn […]

Meet the Midwestern Millennial Aiming to Modernize the Agriculture Industry

Meet Josh Doering. In the last few weeks, the number of articles Doering and his invention, the SeedSlide, have been mentioned in exceeds the number the young inventor can count on his fingers. Doering is the latest in a generation of millennials using technology and innovation to modernize industries like agriculture and manufacturing which, while […]

3 Benefits of Living In a Rural Community

A few weeks ago, we recapped Nebraska’s 2015 Rural Futures Conference here on the blog. It seems as if these days, there’s articles and posts and speeches everywhere denoting why rural communities are so important to Nebraska’s economic growth. At the conference, Governor Pete Ricketts said that our strong agricultural industry is a cultural factor […]

Putting the Agriculture in STEAM

Remember our post on putting the A in STEAM? If not, here’s a quick refresher. When you discuss increasing emphasis on any subject area of school, whether that be English, social studies, or as in this case, STEM, a debate is inevitably sparked about what that really means. Subjects can feel left out that one […]

Facing a Slow Year for U.S. Farms, Equipment Manufacturing Could Slow Down in 2014

It’s going to be a slow year for United States farms, which could potentially mean a slow year for farm equipment manufacturers. Net agriculture income was projected to slip twenty-seven percent this year–the lowest since 2010. Drops in federal subsidies and prices for soybeans and corn are squeezing the farmers for all they’re worth. According […]

So, You Want to Be an Agronomist?

When you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they claimed that being an astronaut, actor, ballet dancer, doctor, fireman, or lawyer was in their future. However, there aren’t an awful lot of five-year olds dead set on being a precision tillage systems agronomist. […]