So, You Want to Be an Agronomist?

So, You Want to Be an Agronomist?

When you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they claimed that being an astronaut, actor, ballet dancer, doctor, fireman, or lawyer was in their future. However, there aren’t an awful lot of five-year olds dead set on being a precision tillage systems agronomist.

Even so, last month, Lexington, Nebraska company Orthamn Manufacturing promoted Randy Haarberg as their precision tillage systems agronomist, a prestigious career move for Haarberg and an interesting career path that is a perfect fit for anyone interested in studying agriculture and systems management within the realm of manufacturing.

Orthman Manufacturing is one of the leading high-quality agricultural equipment and implement manufacturers in Nebraska as well as around the world. In addition to tillage and steering systems, the company produces earth-moving equipment, bulk handling systems, and more. With their own logistics division, the company efficiently manufactures and delivers its products nationwide.

As the precision tillage system agronomist (hopefully they give Haarberg long business cards for that awfully long title), he will be responsible for agronomic education and assisting the Orthman team across the world with crop system recommendations. Haarberg’s duties include providing all Orthamn dealers and growers with expertise and real-world solutions to their agronomy problems.

Haarberg’s experience began with an agri-business degree at Chadron State College, followed by a long self-employed career in Northeast Colorado. He recently joined Orthman, and now resides with his wife and family in Omaha.

“As a private agronomist, my goal was to help growers achieve production and yield goals to create a profitable farm–and Orthman was often part of that solution. Today, I can help achieve those same goals for Orthman customers around the world,” says Haarberg.

For students potentially interested in a career in or studying agronomy, check out our list of five great colleges for engineering and manufacturing. To learn more about opportunities here in Nebraska to study food or crop science, our partners in education all offer excellent programs in the field. Or, study crop science at one of UNL’s Big Red Academic Summer Camps! The world is your oyster, so get growing!

Photo credit: Orthman