Five Popular Segments for Careers In Manufacturing

Let’s say you don’t know anything about manufacturing: Zip, zero, zilch. However, maybe you’ve heard about the Renaissance of American manufacturing: the transition from gloomy factory jobs of the Industrial Revolution to the reality of modern-day manufacturing jobs that are well-paying, require skilled workers, and can be fulfilling and incredibly important careers. Where do you […]

4 Emerging Opportunities for Careers in Manufacturing

We know that manufacturing is growing. (It’s added 647,000 jobs since 2010 and continues to be an important part of our economy.) We also know that it offers lots of great careers. But as we talk about the skills gap and the ways that advanced manufacturing differs from manufacturing of days past, where exactly are new […]

U.S.A. a “Rising Star” In Global Manufacturing

There have been countless headlines in the news over the course of the past week calling the United States’ manufacturing sector a “rising star.” And no report has been more influential in that time frame than a report released on Friday by Boston Consulting Group. According to Daily Finance, “A new ranking of the competitiveness of […]