4 Emerging Opportunities for Careers in Manufacturing

solar panelsWe know that manufacturing is growing. (It’s added 647,000 jobs since 2010 and continues to be an important part of our economy.) We also know that it offers lots of great careers.

But as we talk about the skills gap and the ways that advanced manufacturing differs from manufacturing of days past, where exactly are new opportunities emerging? Are there certain places that hold a lot of opportunity for careers in manufacturing?

As it turns out, that answer is yes. In a recent article for The Huffington Post, Jerry Jasinowski, former president of the National Association of Manufacturers, examined 4 different places where he sees lots of opportunity for careers in manufacturing. We think they’re interesting and relevant, and thought we’d share them with you!

Energy: Serving the entire spectrum of our energy boom from natural gas and oil to solar panels and wind turbines. We are becoming energy independent at long last, and it promises to be a rich mother lode of career opportunities.

Automobiles: The automobile industry is growing about 20 percent a year and is more reliant than ever on automation, robots and advanced materials.

Aerospace and transportation: Aerospace and transportation are seeing large job growth, and this field is obviously highly reliant on advanced technologies.

Healthcare: Medical care has emerged as one of the biggest sectors of our economy. Technical jobs handling new medical devices are providing excellent career opportunities to millions.

Some of these spaces are already seeing quite a bit of action in terms of available manufacturing jobs; others are emerging quickly and should have more options available soon. In both cases, however, we’re excited! We agree that they show a lot of promise, and we also like that Jasinowski’s list shows the immense diversity present for career paths in manufacturing. From energy to healthcare and everything in between, manufacturing has a connection to all sorts of industries you may be interested in!

Be sure to keep an eye out on these spaces, and don’t hesitate to do more research if you have questions about getting started in a career in manufacturing! Reach out to us via the contact page of our site if you’d like to learn more!

photo credit: Walmart Corporate via photopin cc