Exploding Hoverboards and Why Your Manufacturer Matters

“I feel like Hoverboard is an extension of me. I accelerate at will, stop on a dime, and carve the pavement without even trying. I’m addicted.” Maybe it’s marketing, or maybe it’s just that hoverboards look like a gadget straight from 2050, but the self-balancing scooters are one of the most popular items of 2015. […]

U.S.A. a “Rising Star” In Global Manufacturing

There have been countless headlines in the news over the course of the past week calling the United States’ manufacturing sector a “rising star.” And no report has been more influential in that time frame than a report released on Friday by Boston Consulting Group. According to Daily Finance, “A new ranking of the competitiveness of […]

Chinese Manufacturing Sees Slowdown for Fifth Straight Month

American manufacturing is booming. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles out there on the Internet and in newspapers telling the world of America’s triumph–of how America is bouncing back thanks to factories creating more jobs. But recently, it hasn’t been America in the spotlight. Instead, it has been China. And it’s not all […]

U.S. Manufacturing on the Lookout with China’s Slowdown

You know that feeling when you’re going too fast and you realize you need to slow down before you crash and burn? That’s how China’s economy felt a few years ago, and they’ve since tried to change their ways within the last few years. For the past decade, China has spent a sizeable amount of […]