Midwest Manufacturers Know Their Snow Removal

snow on grassIt’s officially December, and Winter Storm Delphi is here to remind us of that. This week, the Midwest will be hit with up to a foot of snow, snow showers, sleet, and icy rainfall that will bring plenty of material for making snowmen. Seven Midwest states will be greeted with these conditions, including parts of Nebraska. (Is it appropriate for us to sing yet? Dean Martin knew what he was talking about with that one).

What you may not know unless you’ve recently visited the website is that Nebraskan manufacturers have a long tradition of crafting new technology in snow removal and maintenance, a must when you live in a Midwest state like we do. Beginning in the 1950s, manufacturer Howard Phelps (the creator of the first mowing machine with a rotary cutting blade directly driven by an industrial quality electric motor) designed a generation of snow blowers under the name Sno-Blow.

History aficionados can read more about Although the snow blowers are no longer manufactured here, there are plenty of Americans still using the effective machines. Think about it: You want your snow blower or shovel to be well-made. There’s nothing worse than shoveling the driveway in 0 degree weather when the handle of your shovel snaps, or the snow blower doesn’t actually blow. Midwesterners understand how snow works, what we need to handle it, and how to deal with Mother Nature as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Here are a few of the products we found that manufacturers have dreamed up to make our lives easier when it comes to blizzards and snow. Many of these products are manufactured in the Midwest, because if there’s one thing we know how to tackle, it’s winter.

The State of Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services actually shared this product, and it certainly is worth spreading the news about. Structured Solutions, LLC, manufactures a wheeled snow shovel designed to reduce the physical strain of shoveling and related risks of back and heart injuries. The large wheel provides leverage without straining your back, and it’s also lightweight and easy to maneuver. For elderly or disabled people who need to clear walkways and driveways, this is a fantastic option. They call themselves the world’s safest snow shovel, and they may be onto something there! Read more and watch the videos .

: Hiniker manufactures agricultural equipment, electronic systems, and most importantly for the Mankato, Minnesota, company, snow and ice removal equipment. This year, they’ve released two new plows designed to be high-performance: The 9000 Series VF trip-edge V-Plows have deep-curl flared wings to cast deep snow farther and higher, as well as provide heavy duty strength. If you need to sprinkle salt on the roads, they also manufacture a dual-motor electric auger that reduces maintenance and provides more specific pattern control. We can imagine that they’ll be using both of those in Mankato this week…

With plants in Beatrice, Nebraska; Tomah, Wisconsin; Windom, Minnesota; Shakopee, Minnesota; and Plymouth, Wisconsin, this company is firmly rooted in supporting Midwestern communities. The Windom plant manufactures snow throwers known for reliability and consistency, and the company also manufactures electric and gas snow blowers.

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