4 Scholarships for Future Manufacturers

piggy bank on top of dollars and coinsIf you’re interested in manufacturing, there are a few ways to begin your journey (and turn it into a lucrative career!) From apprenticeships to trade schools to four-year degrees to internships and more, manufacturers need workers, and that need often translates directly into dollars.

If you want to attend school for a manufacturing, or even a STEM-based career, the time is ripe to apply for scholarships that will come into play during the next academic year’s cycle. As always, a good step is to talk to your school guidance counselor or mentor, and see if they have any recommendations for programs that could be a good fit.

Additionally, it never, ever hurts to search the good ol’ World Wide Web and send a few emails. As the saying goes, if you don’t ask for it, you’ll never receive it, and it’s always worth trying!

Here are a few opportunities and pots of money we dug up from around the country. If you’ve found an opportunity that could be a good fit for others, please share the wealth by leaving a link in the section below! We want this to be a helpful forum for many students.

Oh, how we love Manufacturing Day! In addition to hosting a day designed to celebrate manufacturing around the country, they’ve rounded up a huge list of scholarships, many from manufacturers who are actively engaged in supporting the industry and developing future talent. Some aren’t necessarily money, but are funded experiences, like this chance to win a free registration to both days of the hosted by the Toyota production system. Experiences can often be as valuable to a resume as direct funding.

: Any student or college-bound individual is eligible to apply for these scholarships from the WMIA, designed for students who want to study wood technology, machinery, or related fields. The deadline is February 3, 2016, so you’ll want to hurry up and begin working on your application! If you are curious about whether your background and future goals fit the requirements, check out the list of past recipients at the link above.

: This partnership between Paragon D&E and several other mold manufacturers has launched a program called the Talent 2025 program in order to address the skills gap in West Michigan. They will fully fund students to earn an associate’s degree at Grand Rapids Community College or even a bachelor’s degree at Ferris State University at absolutely no cost in return for a one-year, full-time work commitment. If you are looking for a free education, this one could be an excellent opportunity.

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence offers the Dr. Sherrie Ford Manufacturing as a Career Path scholarship, designed to promote manufacturing for anyone graduating from high school, current college students, or individuals with prior work experience who have decided to seek further education.

As we mentioned, if there are any we missed, please call them to our attention! We love to hear about great opportunities for future Nebraskan manufacturers.

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