5 Great Halloween Maker Projects

Earlier in the summer, we gave you all 5 great summer Maker projects to kill time before school started up again. We’re back with more ideas! Of course, now, it’s no longer summer. But as we approach Halloween, we thought we’d take a moment to put together our list of 5 great Halloween maker projects […]

Event Reminder: The Omaha Mini Maker Faire Is This Weekend!

For anyone in the Omaha area (or surrounding areas) who likes technology, fun, and hands-on activities, we’d like to let you know about an event coming up this weekend on Saturday, September 13th: the Omaha Mini Maker Faire! Running from 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Omaha Children’s Museum, the Omaha Mini Maker Faire is designed to […]

5 Great Summer Maker Projects

We’re big fans of the Maker movement here at NeMAC. What’s the Maker movement? It’s a movement started by the folks over at MAKE Magazine to get kids interested in STEM by working on fun, DIY projects. There are formal Maker classes, but really, anyone with a DIY attitude and the desire to learn can be […]

MIT Welcomes Makers; Other Schools to Follow?

Education is very important to us here at NeMAC, and MIT–yep, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, famous worldwide for its engineering school–is trying something out that should make the Maker in all of us proud. MAKE Magazine published an article yesterday where they mentioned MIT’s new admissions feature: a new Maker Portfolio supplement on the MIT Admissions web site which […]

What Exactly Is 3D Printing, Anyways?

In our post about 4 great examples of new manufacturing technology a few weeks ago, we mentioned a new technology which has the potential to revolutionize the way certain things are manufactured. That technology is 3D printing, and today we’re going to tell you a little more about what it is and why it’s so important. […]