Event Reminder: The Omaha Mini Maker Faire Is This Weekend!


For anyone in the Omaha area (or surrounding areas) who likes technology, fun, and hands-on activities, we’d like to let you know about an event coming up this weekend on Saturday, September 13th: !

Running from 9:00am to 5:00pm at the , the Omaha Mini Maker Faire is designed to showcase local makers who want to show off their creativity.

In case you’re not familiar, the first was held out in San Mateo, California to show off local Makers. The Maker movement is exactly what it sounds like: a movement started by MAKE Magazine to get kids involved in hands-on projects that can help them hone their skills in fun and interesting ways. Although it’s not specific to manufacturing, there’s definitely a big benefit to being a Maker if you’re interested in a career in manufacturing. Making is a great way to learn new things and figure out what your interests are while completing some fun projects along the way!

Omaha’s Mini Maker Faire will include projects like the following:

  • Balloon art;
  • Steam bending wood for canoes and surfboards;
  • Home-made mechanical claw machine;
  • Stop-action animation using “artistic junk”;
  • Quad copters and 3D printers;
  • Biofuel creation;
  • Fermenting food, on purpose;
  • Winter greenhouses;
  • Many forms of hands-on arts and crafts including print-making, polymer clay, fused glass, and “upcycled” materials

And as an added benefit, some of Omaha’s best food trucks will be parked outside the museum for those looking for lunch! (We’re a big fan of the food trucks driving around Omaha.) All-in-all, it should be a very exciting day, and could serve as a great introduction to the Maker movement for those not yet familiar with it.

We hope to see you there!