Fairs and Shows for the Maker-Minded

As we well know, “to make” can mean many different things, but it’s rare that nobody else is interested in the same things you are. More often, there are associations, gatherings, and fairs for those who make or manufacture a wide variety of products. This can include all industries and sectors, from agriculture to manufacturing […]

Event Reminder: The Omaha Mini Maker Faire Is This Weekend!

For anyone in the Omaha area (or surrounding areas) who likes technology, fun, and hands-on activities, we’d like to let you know about an event coming up this weekend on Saturday, September 13th: the Omaha Mini Maker Faire! Running from 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Omaha Children’s Museum, the Omaha Mini Maker Faire is designed to […]

Fab Labs: Making Manufacturing Cool?

It looks like we’re not the only ones trying to show people that manufacturing is cool. An article recently published by Environment & Energy Publishing talks about the Fab Lab movement and how it’s on the forefront of the movement to make manufacturing cool again. Fab Labs–or fabrication laboratories–are popping up all over the country and […]