MIT Students Create 3D Printer for… Ice Cream?

We’re all about cool new manufacturing technology here at NeMAC. And what could be cooler than 3D printed ice cream? According to a recent article on, graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a 3D printer for ice cream. In a class they were working on centered around additive manufacturing, the […]

MIT inFORM Pushes 3D Frontier

You’ve seen 3D printing. You’ve even seen 4D printing. And you’ve also seen the many dozens of cool manufacturing technologies at work in factories today. But in terms of driving innovation and really showing us that “the future is now,” few technologies are as innovative and ground-breaking as what you see in the video above. This […]

Looking for a Good Read Over Holiday Break? Try “Making in America: From Innovation to Market”

As the fall semester comes to a close for high school and college students, one thing that most everyone will have towards the end of this month and into next is time–and lots of it. And sure, you could spend your holiday break playing Xbox, watching movies, and sitting around the fireplace (and we certainly […]

4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About 3D Printing

In a previous post, we covered 5 things you probably didn’t know about manufacturing–after all, it’s always good to learn something new! But one manufacturing technology that continues to surprise us is 3D printing. It’s come quite a long ways since it was thrust into the spotlight a few years ago, and it continues to get more […]

MIT Welcomes Makers; Other Schools to Follow?

Education is very important to us here at NeMAC, and MIT–yep, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, famous worldwide for its engineering school–is trying something out that should make the Maker in all of us proud. MAKE Magazine published an article yesterday where they mentioned MIT’s new admissions feature: a new Maker Portfolio supplement on the MIT Admissions web site which […]