Heading Back to School? Try Focusing on STEM Skills!

Schools in Lincoln and Omaha are ramping up for start dates scattered all across this week and next. This time of the year is an exciting time, but can also be a bit of a bummer for all of the students busy enjoying their summers and time off from school. Back-to-school time also means that […]

When It Comes to Manufacturing, Career Options are Endless

Not everyone goes into college, university, high school, or technical school knowing exactly what they want to study. If a student is really lucky (or just really ahead of the game), they’ll know what they want to do after they finish their 2+ years of school. Going to school to eventually work in manufacturing can […]

The Decline of College?

Earlier this week, we stumbled upon an article that really got us thinking, and today, we thought we’d finally say something about it. The article, called “The Decline of College,” was written by Victor Hanson, a nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services. The main point of the article is this: for as long as many […]