The Decline of College?

Earlier this week, we stumbled upon an article that really got us thinking, and today, we thought we’d finally say something about it. The article, called “The Decline of College,” was written by Victor Hanson, a nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services. The main point of the article is this: for as long as many […]

5 Ways to Get a Start in Manufacturing (In Nebraska)

With the school year getting closer, we’re also getting closer to that ever-important task of figuring out our lives. What we’re going to do after graduation, where we want to work, and even how we hope to achieve all of those goals. And there’s a possibility that you may have seen our examples of careers […]

Student Debt: The Facts You Need to Know

In a previous post, we gave an answer to the overwhelming problem of student debt: going to trade school and taking a job in manufacturing. Many manufacturing jobs are well-paying, have good benefits, and leave young people without any student debt. Think of it like this: many students these days think of college as job […]

Circumventing Student Debt: The Economics of Trade School

So, there are 600,000 open manufacturing jobs in the United States–roughly. And those aren’t just jobs that anyone can walk into; the reason they’re open is because they require skilled workers. But that doesn’t always mean a four-year college, and it certainly doesn’t always mean student debt. The problem is, young people aren’t aware of many […]