Manufacturers Make the List of Major Homegrown Employers!

If you happened to take a peek at the Omaha World-Herald yesterday, you most likely saw an absolutely amazing roundup of 25 major employers in the area with local histories. To make this list, companies had to be established as one of the larger employers in the Greater Omaha area, and most of them have […]

Nebraska, A Good Place for Latino Entrepreneurs

Last year, the University of Nebraska-Omaha announced that Nebraska’s population of Hispanic and Latino citizens is expected to triple by the year 2050. Why? Well according to Lazaro Arturo Spindola, executive director of the Nebraska Latino American Commission, “Latinos tend to stay together as families. We place a very high value on the family unit. […]

TMCO Epitomizes Nebraska Workplace Culture

Roland Temme of TMCO, Inc. has three simple tips for success: Hire good people, buy good machines, and serve good customers. To us that sounds like a truly Nebraskan way of looking at business, where it’s important not just to make bucket loads of money, but to make sure that the integrity of your business […]