Nebraska Robotics Expo Coming to Ashland In February

Nebraska Robotics Expo Coming to Ashland In February

In the past, one way we’ve recommended that students get involved in STEM education is through robotics. There are a number of robotics leagues and clubs, both nationally and locally, that can teach students about technology–while also being a whole lot of fun!

And as it so happens, there’s an event coming up that could serve as a great introduction to the world of robotics: the Nebraska Robotics Expo, which is happening on February 22nd at the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland!

The Nebraska Robotics Expo–an annual event–features three main events this year:

  • The CEENBoT™ Showcase: A showcase of robots built by teams of all ages. Spectators can watch teams lead robots through a variety of courses and simulations, and see teams’ unique ways of solving problems they come across.
  • The Creative Visual Arts Expo: An art expo featuring art from students about STEM–a must-see!
  • The FIRST LEGO® League (FLL) Competition: A competition featuring teams of up to ten students using LEGO-based robots to tackle real-world challenges like nanotechnology and quality of life.

Even if you aren’t participating in any of the events listed above, don’t worry! The events are all set up to be friendly to spectators, whether they’re just looking for a fun day out or they’re actually looking to learn more about robotics. The Expo is also a great time to connect with regional robotics leagues, making it a great opportunity for any students looking to get involved!

The Nebraska Robotics Expo is a great event, and we definitely recommend checking it out if you’re going to be in town on the 22nd. Robotics provide a great pathway to a strong STEM education, and above all, they’re just plain fun!

The event runs from 8:00am-5:00pm on Saturday, February 22nd. You can find more info about the event at UNO’s Nebraska Robotics Expo website here.

Photo credit: Steve Eggerling via UNO