AGP to Expand Operations in Hastings, NE, Creating New Manufacturing Work Opportunities

agp expanding operations in hastingsAlthough we’ve been doing manufacturer profiles here on our blog for some time, until recently, we haven’t written about much in relation to actual manufacturing job opportunities here in the state.

The good news is, as we continue our efforts here online, more and more job information is becoming available every day.

We started a couple of weeks ago when we mentioned new openings at Nestlé Purina, and thought we’d continue with an exciting new set of opportunities coming to us straight out of Hastings, Nebraska.

AGP, or Ag Processing Inc., is a farmer-owned co-op involved in the making, processing, and selling of grain products. They represent over 250,000 farmers in over 15 states nationwide, and have a handful of processing and manufacturing facilities all around the country.

Their manufacturing/processing business is about to get bigger, and it’s happening right here in the great state of Nebraska. In a move that’s been in planning for some time, AGP is going to expand is soybean processing plant in Hastings. This expansion means great things both for the community of Hastings (and Nebraska) and for individuals seeking work in manufacturing.

Although this expansion isn’t slated to be completed until 2016, it’s going to bring with it some exciting opportunities for work, including:

  • Full-time jobs: AGP already has many full-time employees, but this expansion is expected to bring many more new positions along with it. As AGP mentions on their job page, you can work across a variety of positions, from corporate work, to work in plants. AGP offers great benefits for full-time employees, which will certainly carry over to new positions in Hastings.
  • Internships: In addition to full-time positions, AGP also offers a great internship program. They have 10-12 week internships in engineering, merchandising, and operations. The engineering and operations internships are of most interest to us here at NeMAC, but for students looking to get a glimpse of what life is like in a real-world manufacturing position, any of the three internship departments will do just fine.

As AGP notes in the press release about the expansion, “Hastings is ideally positioned to meet growing demand from Pacific Rim markets with Midwest soybeans and soy products.” And that positioning means more new jobs.

Internships have always been a great way to get involved in manufacturing, but a full-fledged internship program like the one we’ll see in the coming years at AGP is rare. So for anyone in or around the Hastings area looking for a start in manufacturing, this could be really great news.

Although you may not think it at first glance, rural Nebraska is home to many great manufacturing opportunities. There are great manufacturing companies all across the state where you’d least expect it, and growth like AGP’s here is part of the reason why our state is so great.

If you’re interested in learning more about AGP’s expansion into Hastings, see their press release about the expansion here. Additionally, AGP’s jobs page is home to great information about different career opportunities at the company. And as always, if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us in the comments or on Twitter!

photo credit: PXLated via photopin cc