How to Support Manufacturing in 2015

nebraska state capitalManufacturing in Nebraska, and the entire United States, is doing pretty well these days. With new initiatives to help strengthen manufacturing going into the New Year like Manufacturing Day and millions of dollars of grant money, 2015 is truly the year to take the industry and our economy to the next level and continue some of the prosperity we found in 2014.

Specifically, it’s important to think about how to support manufacturing not only in the United States as a whole, but here at home in Nebraska. As we continue to be recognized for our spectacular work ethic, innovation, and continually improving STEM-focused programs for kids and adults, Nebraska is in a very good place to head into a great year. This doesn’t happen in a bubble, though. It’s important to understand that every single resident of Nebraska can contribute to this trajectory in significant and meaningful ways.

Here are a few ways, financially and otherwise, that everyone can participate to help support the manufacturing industry here in our state. Any we missed? Leave them in the comments below so that other blog readers can join in!

  1. Central Nebraska Growth Foundation: If you have the means or ability to give to manufacturing causes financially, the formation of the Central Nebraska Growth Fund in 2015 is a fantastic opportunity. It’s a non-member, non-profit public charity designed to help Grand Island economic development with activities that constitute charitable purposes. There are similar organizations in Lincoln and Omaha, and the formation of this type of foundation in Grand Island signifies prosperity for the growing city. Thanks to Hornady Manufacturing for the first donation: “Often the best source of new business development can be found in our own community,” states Steve Hornady. “Economic development incentives played a role in helping us grow to become one of the leading manufacturers in our industry and one of the larger employers in Grand Island.”
  2. Contact Your Partner in Education: If you don’t have a program that helps to encourage STEM education in your local school district or college, contact your local partner in education from our list to put in a word for new STEM related curricula, or to find what the upcoming plans are for new initiatives between the school district and local manufacturers. There are more of these activities than ever before, but there aren’t classes everywhere just yet. Hearing word from local constituents can go a long way.
  3. Join a Club: Even if you aren’t in a position to advocate for a career in manufacturing, there are plenty of extracurricular activities for both adults and children that can ultimately contribute to the industry in a variety of ways. Take the Nebraska Agribusiness Club, for example, where it’s easy to become a member and learn about upcoming events. Try the IT Club at Miller West, or clubs for the mecca of small manufacturers in Minden.

Regardless of which way you choose to show your support, Nebraska can use your help! Questions? Comments? Send us a tweet anytime!

photo credit: jimmywayne via photopin cc