What’s New In Manufacturing? August Edition

center pivotIt’s been an exciting month for manufacturing here in Nebraska. With the very first 3D commercial print shop in Omaha and more, the community has been abuzz with the happenings and progress we’re seeing here in our state! To keep you up to date, here’s what has been happening.

There has never been a more dynamic time to enter the field or learn more, even if it’s just about STEM skills or basic manufacturing information.

Students, make sure to check out our job page for openings. It’s a little known fact that the manufacturing field is always, always in need of skilled workers, and there are jobs available for those experienced in the skilled trades (speaking of news, our post on Thermo King hiring in Hastings, Nebraska gives some more information about the types of skills required for this field).

1. The Midwest Bounces Back: It’s no surprise to anyone who knows the caliber of workers we have in Nebraska, but the economic recession is finally going away for good in the Midwest. The region was hit hard during the recession due to the amount of manufacturers we have here, but times have never been better than right now for entering the field. This is in part due to increased manufacturing demand, and states like Nebraska, the Dakotas, and Minnesota are doing a great job filling those needs and stabilizing the economy.

2. New Irrigation Technology: Irrigation is a huge topic of discussion in the Midwest, especially for manufacturers–it’s such a prominent, crucial tool for farmers and agricultural support. At the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis, Nebraska, students will be working with the very latest center-pivot technology and keep them on the cutting edge of irrigation specialization. This is a new program for NCTA, and one that’s hugely in demand due to increased demand across the country. The new center-pivot installation on campus will help students and teachers continue to break ground.

3. Northeast Community College: We love when new partners in education step on the scene, and in August, Nebraska welcomed Northeast Community College to the fantastic institutions educating in the skilled trades. The school in Norfolk, Nebraska will begin offering diversified manufacturing certificates this fall. The program is funded by the U.S Department of Labor grant, and will help students meet the skill requirements for entry-level workers in the manufacturing sector.

Questions? Comments? Want to join the conversation about what’s happening with manufacturing here in Nebraska? Make sure to send us a tweet anytime, leave a comment in the sections below, or connect on Facebook. We are always happy to connect with potential students interested in the field of manufacturing. With an industry as revolutionary as this one, you’ll want to be sure to keep up!

photo credit: agrilifetoday via photopin cc