How Cleary Building Corp. Sold 100,000 Buildings

louvered verandaEven when the manufacturing environment is positive, it’s still no piece of cake to make it as a small manufacturer. While there are certainly jobs to be had, no manufacturer will tell you that success comes easy; Nebraska manufacturers work long and hard, and they dedicate many hours to the success of their companies. So, when it comes to moments of supreme achievement, it’s always worth recognition.

Cleary Building Corp. is headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin, but has a plethora of locations throughout the country, including quite a few in Nebraska: Arapahoe, Fremont, Grand Island, Norfolk, North Platte, Roca, and Scottsbluff, just to name a few. Last fall, the company sold its 100,000th building: a round-roof storage building in the Madison, Wisconsin, area that will be used for recreational vehicles, tools, and equipment, according to “Business has been good for Cleary over the years,” said Jonas Berberich, company spokesman.

Cleary Building Corp. is one of those manufacturing companies that we discuss here. They manufacture quality buildings, sheds, churches, grain storage buildings, bus garages, airplane hangars, and more. They are the pre-engineered building solution consistently accepted by engineers and architects. The company is still family-owned, as they have been since 1978, and they managed to not only weather the recession, but continue striving for success.

How did they do it?

Well, for one, they clearly value their employees and a strong workforce. Just this week, the regional manager presented Arapahoe, Nebraska, branch manager Doug Brooks with the 2015 sales award for outstanding performance, reports the The company recognizes workers who have the energy, motivation, and highly professional sales personalities that lead to excellence. For many manufacturers, access to talent is a key to success, and Cleary Building Corp. knows how to recognize and retain outstanding workers in all areas of the business.

Second, they’ve kept strong financial backing behind all of their product and business operations. One important way to remain a leader in the industry is to have a strong financial base from which to move forward, enabling the company to stay out of debt and in production. On the company’s history page, , says, “We at the BMO Harris Bank have the highest regard for the Cleary Building Corp. and its management team. A customer since 1983, Cleary Building is debt-free but enjoys a mid-seven figure line of credit available.” Today, the company is the only national builder who has been debt-free since 1985.

Finally, the company is reliable. The key statistic is that they have twice the industry average for on-time delivery, on-time start, and on-time completion. So it’s no surprise that the company enjoys 98.5% customer satisfaction, because nothing is worse in a building project than an unreliable contractor.

We’re glad to have such a consistent and reliable manufacturer in Nebraska, and congratulations to their company on sales success! Questions? Comments? Want to learn more? Leave a comment in the section below!

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