Aurora, NE Home Manufacturer Featured On DIY Network

bonnavilla home renderEarly in 2015, Broken Bow pipe manufacturer Sargent Pipe was featured on the Discovery Network’s show, “How It’s Made.” As it turns out, 2016 is also off to an auspicious start for manufacturers hitting the big screen. Just this week, The Grand Island Independent reported that Aurora manufacturer BonnaVilla, a division of Chief Industries, Inc., will be featured on the DIY Network’s show, “Breakneck Builds.”

If you’ve never heard of BonnaVilla, they’re a home manufacturer. Yes, you heard us right: They’re a manufacturer, not a construction firm. The company designs and creates modular home plans, layouts, and custom designs to meet specific requirements. The concept of a modular home is an interesting one, and these homes are often in demand in rural areas where construction costs (and labor) are high and difficult to obtain. Rather than hiring a contractor and transporting a construction firm to a hard-to-get-to location, a modular home is built indoors in a factory-esque setting. The finished products are covered, transported to their new home, and assembled by a builder on-site.

As you might imagine, pre-fabricated homes can be much less expensive than homes built on the spot. In particular, BonnaVilla pride themselves on the quality of their homes, producing results that are architecturally inspiring and affordably priced. 80% of each home is manufactured in an enclosed environment: “This method of construction produces a home built with control and quality: control in the structure and quality as a result. The controlled environments and assembly line work stations, as well as rigorous quality control inspections and strict adherence to building codes, mean a quality product in a fraction of the time.” Less waste, plus no weather damage, potential mold, and contractor no-shows? It’s kind of like a homeowner’s dream.

Hence, the company was tapped for “Breakneck Builds,” a show where two construction teams deliver, install, and hand over the keys of two modular homes in 48 hours. The show is designed to show people that they can forget everything they think they know about pre-fab homes, and instead witness the construction of factory homes that are quality, custom-built, and delivered in days: “Breakneck Builds takes the viewer onto the floor of these giant prefab factories as elite engineers use cutting-edge technology to assemble revolutionary, foldable steel and waterproof concrete structures.”

The Aurora company is featured on Episode 10, “Modular Home on the Range/In-Law Overload.” Derek and Kristi, a couple who need to get into a home fast, are out of luck with a traditional builder, thanks to the construction boom in Wyoming. Bonna Villa delivers a 2,100 square-foot home that they built in two weeks from start to finish.

Sales manager Mike Morrow told the Grand Island Independent that “Breakneck Builds” filmed in the factory for two days, and he thinks that the final product gives people a good glimpse of the modular home trend. “I think that, especially given the cost and scarcity of labor for construction and the time that it can take to build a home, especially when you’re in a fairly remote, rural setting and not in a large metro, I think people more than before are seeking alternatives and finding it’s a viable option,” Morrow said.

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Photo credit: BonnaVilla