Certificates, What’s the Deal?

graduatesMost people associate going to a university or community college with achieving a degree, either a bachelor’s or an associate’s. These degrees will help prepare students for careers in a skilled trade, in many scenarios.

However, there is more than one reason to register at your local community college: Students without time to pursue a full degree, professional or skilled laborers looking to strengthen their skills, or anyone looking for a career change can benefit from pursuing a certificate.

The word certificate makes people think of something temporary, like a gift card, but that’s simply not the case. Certificates are simply a course of study in a particular area without the long-term commitment of an advanced degree. They give you the credibility and credentials that you’re an expert in this particular subject, but don’t require years and years of time, and are often less expensive. Skilled laborers that didn’t have the opportunity to receive a degree might find them beneficial, and often, employers will look at certificates as a mark of knowledge or being well-rounded.

For example, an auto mechanic in need of a career change could earn their aircraft maintetance certificate, and transfer those skills to larger aircrafts. Mechanics who are experts in electronics maintenance could specialize by gaining an autobody repair certificate, and so on. Certificates are also very popular for those working in construction. Construction projects are massive, and specialized jobs like a plumbing certificate program or a construction site management certificate are invaluable for advancing careers.

Here are some of the opportunities to achieve a certificate designation in Nebraska. Take it into consideration if you’re looking to strengthen your skills, or even learn a new one– this is the way to go.

Metropolitan Community College: MCC offers Certificates of Achievement in Bookkeeping, Business Management, Language Interpretation, Microcomputer Office Technology, and more. If any on their list appeal to you, MCC is a fantastic institution. Special certifications can be achieved in Financial Studies, General Management, and even interesting fields like Immigration Laws, Policies, and Procedures (these online courses in Immigration prepare students for careers in non-governmental organizations, local and federal government agencies, and private and public institutions and businesses. It is not a substitute for becoming a licensed attorney).

Northeast Community College: Certificates at NCC take less than one year to achieve, but provide a valuable basis for education. Business-minded folk can work towards a certificate in accounting in a program designed for individuals wishing to update their skills after having been out of the workforce for a number of years, or working adults wishing to change occupations. It takes five months here to get your Diversified Manufacturing Certificate, a great option to learn about manufacturing processes, safety, quality, and more.

To learn more about other options in Nebraska, check out our Partners in Education page. Questions? Comments? Leave them in the section below, anytime!

photo credit: Graduation via photopin (license)