Heineman Announces Jobs to Reach Record High

industrial-NEThere are good days to live in Nebraska, and then there are great days to live in Nebraska: Today is most certainly one of the latter.

In fact, the last week or so has been great for Nebraskans, who are overwhelmingly pleased with the consensus that Governor Dave Heineman announced last week. According to Heineman, Nebraska’s significant job count growth is expected to top 1.1 MILLION by 2015. Not only is this number high, it’s a record high for employment in the state.

“Nebraska’s employment picture in 2014 is significant and substantial, and this record project for 2015 is outstanding news for Nebraskans,” said Gov. Heineman on December 10. “We are experiencing record growth in a number of key industries, and additional growth is projected. This employment record also speaks positively to our continued efforts of keeping our young people here in Nebraska with meaningful careers.”

In other words, here’s why this is cool: We’ve been trying really, really hard to make this happen, and this year marks a time in which goals are being actually achieved, not just thought about.

And Heineman’s work is a big part of why and how this is happening. In 2014, he designated October as Nebraska Manufacturing Month, calling consumer attention to the importance of manufacturing here, as well as the importance of all our workers in Nebraska. Many of the jobs that will be projected to grow in demand through 2015 have something to do with the manufacturing industry, such as heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, carpenters, electricians, and software developers. Other rapidly growing positions include registered nurses, accountants, and market research analysts.

And according to the recent growth patterns that prompted this announcement, the state is expected to add around 27,000 jobs from 2013-2015. In goods-producing industries like manufacturing, construction is expected to add more than 2,900 jobs and grow nearly 6.5%. The non-farm job count (excluding agriculture and self-employed workers) grew almost 32,500 statewide, and monthly job counts this year are up nearly 9,000 jobs. While the largest amount of growth took place in transportation and utilities, education and health services and manufacturing also grew significantly. If you’re curious about other areas of growth and their numbers, check out this article for more specific details.

The moral of the story? Nebraska is doing an amazing job of not only creating new positions, but also filling those positions right along with that growth. As we all know, growth is only a good thing for the state, and means more imports and exports to keep the economy strong. For graduates this year looking for a job in a skilled or technical trade, the time has literally never been better to seek and apply for those jobs– and that’s why we’re here, to help guide you to some of the best and quickly-growing manufacturers in the state.

Keep checking back for job posts, manufacturer profiles, educational spotlights, and fascinating manufacturing news, and thanks to all who have been a part of this journey. We (and Nebraska!) couldn’t do it without you.

photo credit: O’BrienDigital via photopin cc