Manufacturers in Nebraska: Reinke Manufacturing

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Nebraska manufacturer Reinke Manufacturing made our blog the other month for their innovative partnership with the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture; the company helped design a program to incentivize students to pursue degrees in the very important field of irrigation technology.

And last week, the World-Herald highlighted Reinke for their positive international trade relationship with Russia. Most recently, the Moultrie Observer applauded the company for helping fundraise for breast cancer. They’ve been all over the news, and for good reason: the company is one of Nebraska’s largest and fastest growing manufacturers in the agricultural industry.

Reinke is headquartered in Deshler, Nebraska, in the original location established by founder Richard Reinke in 1954. They also have manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Deshler in addition to offices around the world in locations such as Beijing, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Moshav Korazim, Israel, Rostov, Russia, and Venado Tuerto, Argentina. For the most part, their irrigation technology products are manufactured either in Deshler, Kansas, or Beijing– but it goes without saying that this company has an incredible global reach.

After founding the company on the family farm in 1954, founder Richard Reinke worked to create the world’s first reversible, electric gear driven center pivot system. After fourteen years, his invention was released, giving Reinke some credibility as one of the oldest and largest irrigation system manufacturers in the world. Even more amazing? Since 1968, the first Electrogator (Reinke’s invention) continues to grow a crop every single year near Deshler, Nebraska, proving the durability of Reinke products.

There isn’t really a better place to experiment with irrigation than the family farm, and even after the company’s many expansions and new offices, it speaks volumes of the Reinke character that Deshler is still where they call home. With ten acres of manufacturing space under a roof, Reinke designs, manufactures, and ships just about everything under the umbrella of irrigation technology. Reinke’s line of products include center pivots, lateral move systems, towables, specialty systems, control systems, and water application components.

Employees like to know that the company is, and always has been family owned for over fifty years. Although they remain true to their hometown roots, Reinke plans to continue expanding globally– a potentially exciting opportunity for anyone looking to work in the irrigation technology field. Check out lists of available jobs here: current opportunities include positions in welding, loading, technical service training, and robotic welding operation. For those interested in jobs in other sectors, keep checking back because new positions are posted as they become available.

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