Tips for Snagging a Manufacturing Internship

manufacturingInternships are one of the best ways to learn about a given field without being committed for say, longer than summer break.

They’re kind of like a test run for your career– maybe you’ll feel right at home and inspired to learn more, or it will uncomfortably seem like the wrong fit. In both regards, the experience is valuable. After all, how do we know until we try?

Manufacturing is no different in that regard. There are some incredible opportunities in Nebraska to “test run” a career in manufacturing, whether that be through an apprenticeship or an internship. And as Governor Dave Heineman mentioned today in his editorial for the York News-Times, the economic growth in our state makes these experiences more and more prevalent. A large part of this is due to the InternNE program, which has been operating since 2011.

A total of 395 companies have participated in the test run, and successfully filled 793 positions in diverse disciplines and fields including general business, IT, engineering, sciences, and agriculture to name a few, says Heineman. The program has awarded 1,443 internships with 35% originating outside Omaha and Lincoln. Not bad statistics for a program that’s only about three years old!

And naturally, InternNE is one of the first places we’d recommend interested applicants looking for a job in Nebraska. To actually apply for a job, you have to create an account, but it’s a piece of cake to just browse by keyword and see what’s out there first. Even if you don’t have an immediate need for an internship, we’d recommend checking it out. Scan the job descriptions for positions that you think you’d be interested in for your future, and begin tailoring your extracurricular activities and schoolwork in that direction. Does the job require strong leadership skills? Look for an area in your life where you can build those. It helps to know what the job is looking for so that you as a candidate can work towards meeting those requirements.

It’s a fact that as a college student, completing a high-quality internship before college graduation will make you more eligible for a full-time position post graduation. One of the first steps is to set up your profile on InternNE. You can upload relevant documents and information about your academic background, including any relevant documents such as a resume or portfolio, depending on the field you’re interested in.

Check out the resources the website has to offer, like a career explorer that details popular careers, leading industries, and projected growth for a suggested position. Even if you already know what you’re interested in, there will be information you most likely don’t know about the future of the industry and options available.

And most importantly, keep in mind that every experience in an internship is a learning one and therefore valuable.

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photo credit: eflon via photopin cc