Manufacturers on Instagram



It seems like every day there’s a new social media platform to keep up with, or some change of format, or some app to download. The digital sphere changes quickly. Companies must adapt to keep up with changing trends, as well as with audiences of all ages and technical abilities.

One space that’s growing faster than ever is Instagram. The image driven app can be used on a computer for web profiles, but is more commonly a smartphone app.

Upload an image, give it a caption, and it’ll head to a feed to be seen by all your followers. Instagram is an undoubtedly effective tool for many lifestyle brands and companies looking to appeal to a younger demographic, but as with every social media platform, which accounts are worth your time?

There are manufacturers using the app to provide valuable information, humor and more that are definitely worth a follow. Here are some of our favorite manufacturers on Instagram (you may need a SmartPhone to access these accounts and images).

1. Intel: Although it’s one of the larger corporations, Intel’s Instagram following isn’t massive (approximately 19,333 followers). Intel is one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip makers; they also create flash memory, graphic chips, embedded processors, and much more. The brand does a fantastic job sharing the new products, exciting happenings within the company, and funny and creative shots of behind-the-scene information you never would have known.

 2. General Electric: The company’s tagline is “This feed features the groundbreaking research and technology that GE has been developing since the days of Edison.” And they live up to their summary with intricate shots of machinery, excerpts from old GE documentary footage, giveaways and more, all in the spirit of innovation and manufacturing. We especially love their professional photographs of engineers and technicians all over the world working on exciting projects and special events.

3. VMAware: If you aren’t aware (get it?), VM-Aware storage manages storage for virtual machines with a virtual infrastructure. Their Instagram account has a smaller following, but exists for one specific purpose: to recruit new talent. Search for openings, learn about company culture, and see what current employees are up to, just by following them on Instagram.

4. Adobe: The company has a good following of 28, 154 followers, but more importantly, the computer software company does a fantastic job of showing just how their creative software is used to create amazing final results. They share customer photos and regram illustrations they deem worthy, which are always stunning. Worth a follow if you’re interested in creativity and the potential of digital software.

Any we missed? Be sure to give these manufacturers a follow on your Instagram account, and share in the comments below if there are any other awesome manufacturers out there on Instagram waiting to be recognized.

Photo credit: GE Instagram