Manufacturers in Nebraska: Worldlawn Power Equipment, Inc.

worldlawn grass cuttingNebraska may not have an abundance of mountains, lakes, or valleys, but there is one thing we most certainly do have: grass, plains, and fields.

With this natural landscape feature comes the caveat of constant maintenance. After all, along with Texas, Montana, the Dakotas, and more, we are in the Great Plains. From ranching and agriculture to simple home maintenance, the grass and fields we are so blessed with are a bit different to care for than the beaches of San Diego.

Our terrain is one of the biggest assets of Nebraska, allowing for our agriculture industries (and therefore, manufacturing industry relating to agriculture) to thrive and grow as one of our largest economic supports. Geographically and topographically, we’re actually incredibly lucky to live in a state with a natural stimulus from grasslands that just happen to be perfect for grazing cattle.

And for companies like Worldlawn Power Equipment, Inc. based in Beatrice, Nebraska, their entire business is made possible by the natural lawns across the state. Professional and commercial lawnmowers, residential lawnmowers, and snowthrowers (those Nebraskan winters are pretty consistent, after all) are all manufactured by the company for Nebraskans in search of well-engineered tools to maintain their properties and homes.

For Worldlawn, the impetus behind beginning their company was not only for simple maintenance, but for the bigger issue of productivity that can plague both small businesses and even corporations. “Productivity adds margin to your bottom line. It’s how much grass you can cut per hour. So to improve your productivity, you must reduce your downtime–and machine costs. We make sure every Worldlawn mower has the capacity to cut grass efficiently, has low maintenance, and produces a finished lawn that will please your customer,” says Worldlawn president Hardy Shao.

It’s also important to the company to understand the value of their product, and make sure everything from a stand-behind mower to a snowthrower is reasonably and fairly priced. And importantly, the 2012 purchase of Encore, Inc. allowed the company to move its entire manufacturing process back home to Beatrice. Especially with outdoor power equipment that can require repairs and maintenance, it’s a boon to the company and their warranty policy to have every product made in our backyard.

The company has been in business since 2005, and maintains that the reason they’re able to make excellent, functioning machines is all due to the quality and enthusiasm of their employees. If you’re interested in engineering, manufacturing, agriculture, power tools, and or machinery, fill out the inquiry form on the Worldlawn website to learn more about the positions they have available.

For educators and business owners, you can request a demonstration of a Worldlawn product through their website as well. Questions? Comments? Want to know more about this outstanding Nebraska manufacturer? Reach out to us on Twitter anytime.

Photo credit: Worldlawn Power Equipment, Inc.