Manufacturers in Nebraska: DI Manufacturing

DI Manufacturing

The gluten-free phenomenon has been with us for a while now. You’ve probably seen gluten-free cookbooks in bookstores and gluten-free menus at restaurants. You may have even sampled some food specifically prepared sans-gluten.

Gluten is a composition of two different proteins that nourishes plant embryos and makes baked dough chewier. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and other cereal grains.

Some people are naturally gluten-intolerant and may react negatively to it in a variety of ways. For example, celiac disease, which affects about one in 141 Americans, is a type of gluten intolerance when gluten triggers an immune system reaction that damages patients’ intestines and prevents them from absorbing nutrients.

A diet consisting of no bread or breaded foods can present many challenges when shopping and eating out. But companies like DI Manufacturing, located in Omaha, Nebraska, help make it easier.

DI Manufacturing, formed in 1989 as a sister company to a wholesale food distributor called Deli International, originally started as a manufacturer of pizza and pizza crusts. Later, Deli became a fundraising company with an emphasis on frozen food fundraisers and DI started to concentrate on specialty foods. Today, DI Manufacturing products are stocked at Dot Foods and are available across the country at over 100 food service distributors.

Some of the brand names you may recognize that use DI products:

  • Rotella’s Italian Bakery
  • Omaha Steaks
  • Conagra
  • Godfather’s Pizza

DI makes pizza and pizza crusts with dough made from rice flour, which doesn’t contain gluten. The pizza is tested by the University of Nebraska Food Allergy Center and meets the standards of the Celiac Spruce Association. DI also manufactures gluten-free bread, cookies and cookie dough, breaded chicken and boxed lunches, in addition to traditional (non-gluten-free) pizzas, breads and cookie dough.

Although gluten-free foods may not be the first thing you think of when you think of manufacturers here in Nebraska, DI Manufacturing is yet another of many great manufacturers in Nebraska making a variety of products. We’re certainly proud that they call Nebraska home.

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Photo credit: DI Manufacturing