The 5 Coolest Manufacturing Processes Around

We’ve said it before here on our blog, and we’re going to say it again: manufacturing is just plain cool.

From the top-level all the way down to the individual processes in place at factories all around the world, there are elements of manufacturing that continually amaze us–and we’re involved in the manufacturing world ourselves!

We’ve focused on the top-level approach before, but what about the individual processes we just mentioned?

Well, there’s no shortage of cool manufacturing processes. Have a look below to see 5 of our favorites:

Friction Stir Welding: A solid-state welding technique–the metal isn’t melted–that “uses a third body tool to join two facing surfaces.”

Drilling a Square HoleIn manufacturing, anything is possible–and yes, that includes the seemingly impossible drilling of a square hole.

Cold SprayA process that creates a coating by shooting particles onto a substrate–sometimes at speeds of up to 5500 mph!

Explosion WeldingIt’s like welding, but with more explosions. See below to find out what we mean.

Wire EDMShort for Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, Wire EDM machines a shape using sparks.

Like we said–manufacturing can be very cool. Have a manufacturing process or technique that you think is particularly cool? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!