Fremont’s Jayhawk Boxes Earns International Recognition

Fremont's Jayhawk Boxes Earns International Recognition

Fremont, Nebraska is a family-friendly community with a population of about 26,167 at the time of the 2012 census. The city bills itself as the “Nebraska Pathfinders,” a group of dreamers and leaders living where costs are low and potential is high. And thanks to Jayhawk Boxes, the city is well on their way to living up to the high potential they proclaim.

On January 7, the Fremont Tribune reported that the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce named Jayhawk Boxes, a subsidiary of the Lawrence Paper Company, as the Business of the Year for companies with more than 25 employees. According to the Tribune, international visitors are making their way to Fremont purely to view the state-of-the-art machinery at Jayhawk Boxes.

What could be so incredible that it’s worth a trip from Argentina? Well, Jayhawk Boxes has invested almost $8 million into their facility to ensure that every aspect of their machinery is top of the line. People from Argentina, Canada, Mexico, and Japan have booked their tickets to Fremont to gaze at a converter that is the first in the world of its kind. Talk about putting Nebraska manufacturing on the map!

“It’s very exciting,” said Steve Rector, Jayhawk Boxes general manager said to the Tribune. “We’re kind of a quiet company on the south-side of Fremont here so to be recognized by the community is pretty neat.”

In 1957, Jayhawk Boxes was founded to serve companies and markets in the Midwest, and to lower shipping costs for the corrugated paper products Lawrence Paper Company supplies. The facility now employs 58 individuals, and shows no signs of stopping.

Though the company is now fielding international acclaim, they still recognize the importance of their immediate community. Jayhawk is an ardent supporter of many community organizations in Fremont, including Boy Scouts and the Youth Leadership Academy.

“We have a lot of great companies in this town,” Rector said. “Certainly a lot of them are very good customers, they support us. We’ve been here since 1958. Some of them have been with us since day one and we certainly appreciate their support.”

To learn more about the work Jayhawk Boxes does in the community, visit their website or watch an overview on Vimeo.

Photo credit: Lawrence Paper Company