Career Opportunities in Precision Machining

Career Opportunities in Precision MachiningA big objective for all of us here at NeMAC is helping educate our readers about career opportunities in manufacturing.

In the past, we’ve covered careers like welding, and we’ve also helped identify the many different educational opportunities for anyone looking to start up a career in manufacturing.

So when we came across a great resource about career opportunities in precision machining (from the Precision Machined Products Association), we just had to share it.

The resource, aptly titled “Career Opportunities in Precision Machining,” highlights the many great aspects of a career in precision machining.

Here are a few of the most noteworthy stats from this great resource out of the PMPA:

  • The average annual earnings for a precision machinist are $40,436/year or $19.44/hour
  • To succeed in precision machining, you need math skills, computer skills, the ability to learn by doing, and a commitment to quality
  • You can jumpstart your career by starting at a community college and learning necessary skills before entering the workplace
  • Precision machinists make, on average, more than recent college grads–without the $35,200 average debt of college degree holders

There are a number of reasons that a career in precision machining is enticing, and those listed here only scratch the surface.

If a career in precision machining sounds like something that would interest you, don’t worry–nearly every community college here in Nebraska has a precision machining program. So whether you’re in the metro area, or out in North Platte (and beyond), programs like the Welding and Machine Shop Technology Program at Mid-Plains Community College can help give you the education you need to jumpstart your career.

And luckily, precision machining follows the trend set by the many other career opportunities in manufacturing–it pays well, it doesn’t require taking on a lot student debt, and there’s a lot of room for growth as you get more experience.

If you’d like to learn more about precision machining, or about any other career in manufacturing, reach out to us in the comments or on Twitter and let us know! We have many more resources that we’d be more than happy to share, and would love to help you explore a career in our great industry.

photo credit: JohnRH4 via photopin cc