Veterans Help Close the Skills Gap for U.S. Manufacturers

Veterans Help Close the Skills Gap for U.S. ManufacturersAs we honor our veterans this Veterans Day, we thought we’d share some stories from around the industry about veterans and manufacturers working together.

We all know that the skills gap is a real problem here in the manufacturing industry. And unfortunately, many of us are also aware that many veterans have trouble finding work upon their return to civilian life.

But as many manufacturers have found out, veterans possess many of the valuable skills necessary for a successful career in manufacturing–and manufacturers are using that to their advantage. As it turns out, veterans all around the country are finding meaningful work in manufacturing when they return home.

One great example is Dave Collins, who, as NBC reports, served in the U.S. Navy for 29 years before retiring. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after retiring, but turned to manufacturing for a new challenge. He landed a job at Advanced Technology Services, and is now an expert in everything from mill presses to advanced laser systems–so we think it’s safe to say that his desire for new challenges has taken him to the right place.

His story isn’t unique, either, and that’s a very good thing. From Seattle to Washington, D.C., manufacturers and veterans are teaming up. Manufacturers are in need of workers with skills, and veterans have those same skills that make them valuable assets in the manufacturing workplace.

Needless to say, we’re very glad that manufacturers can play a part in helping the men and women who served our country find gainful employment. But even more so, we want to close by saying thank you to all our veterans who have served this country. We appreciate you, and are extremely grateful for your service.

Photo credit: GE via Behanced