Learn All About STEM and Manufacturing with PBS LearningMedia

Videos are one of our favorite ways to learn. They’re brief (usually), they’re almost always interesting, and the fact that they’re visual makes them very easy for us to remember.

But as with many other things on the internet, there are a lot of videos out there–so how are you supposed to know what’s legitimate, and what isn’t?

While we might not be able to tell you too much about sorting through everything out there, we can certainly tell you about a resource that we’ve found to be incredibly useful: PBS LearningMedia.

PBS LearningMedia is an online collection of digital learning resources designed by PBS for teachers. Even though it’s designed for teachers, it’s accessible to anyone with an account, and we’re glad it is. The resources are just as useful for students as they are for teachers looking to teach students about STEM, and there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from getting on and doing a little learning on your own.

Here’s how the website is broken down:

  • First, you can organize by grade (PreK-12 and on into college)
  • Then, you can organize by category: science breaks down further into categories like life science, physical science, and earth and space science, and even down further into more specific categories like ecosystems or atmospheric circulation
  • Finally, you can also break down by media type: video, audio, interactive, etc.

Categories range anywhere from energy and power technologies, to measurements and data, to “the world since 1945,” and even to categories like manufacturing. All-in-all, it’s not very hard to find whatever information you’re looking for, and there is a massive amount of stuff to learn on PBS LearningMedia!

To help you get started with some of your learning exploration, here are a few of our favorite resources (remember that you have to create a free account to view most of these videos):

Whether you’re an educator or a student, PBS LearningMedia is a great resource to have access to.

Like we said–we love videos as learning/teaching resources, and this site is absolutely full of them! So get on over there, register for a free account, and give it a look when you have a chance. You may not know everything by the time you’re done, but we guarantee that you’ll be more knowledgeable than you were when you started!

Photo credit: PBS