Product by Process: It’s Not What It Is, It’s How It’s Made

Product by ProcessIt’s no surprise that we love talking about manufacturing here at NeMAC.

And in terms of showing you things about manufacturing, we’ve given you a behind the scenes look at making a Viper and a series of local manufacturer profiles.

But short of flipping through How It’s Made reruns on the Science Channel, how can you find videos of cool stuff being made?

A site that we found called Product by Process actually does just that. Their motto is simple: “it’s not what it is, it’s how it’s made.”

Here’s a little more from their about me page:

Product by Process is an online compilation of processes, material, and interesting stories about products.

Product by Process is an attempt to go beyond the polished products and objects that surround us, and take a look at how they are manufactured and recycled. also links websites, publications and interesting articles about process.

It’s pretty simple, really–they take everyday objects like bicycles, cars, guitars, and paint and show really cool videos about how all of those things are made. They have many pages of entries, and all of them are worth a look.

Another cool feature that we like is their convenient categories. From materials (like concrete) to processes (like 3D printing, which you know we love), to products (like shoes), Product by Process shows all steps of the manufacturing process.

And even though many of the videos feature products that you might think would be boring, we’ve yet to find a video that we didn’t enjoy.

We definitely recommend getting on the site and looking around. You can learn a lot about manufacturing–from custom-made products to cars made on assembly lines–from watching the videos, and they’re a great way to pass the time. You can even subscribe to receive scheduled updates on new cool videos.

Our favorite video of the bunch? Interactive laser cutting. Take a look and tell us you don’t think it’s cool.

Image credit: Product by Process